SNF-SART Residency & Scholarship Program

SNF-SART Residency & Scholarship Program

Supported through the generosity of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the SNF-SART Residency and Scholarship Program offers Greek students and artists the possibility to participate in programming at the Siena Art Institute.  Selection of SNF-SART Resident Artists is through a special nomination process, and students from Greek universities and art academies may directly apply for the SNF-SART Scholarship Program (see below for further details).

Thanks to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation's very generous support, we have been able to welcome the following participants in the SNF-SART Residency and Scholarship Program: 

Fall 2014 semester:

Fall 2015 semester:

Fall 2016 semester: 

Fall 2017 semester: 

Fall 2019 semester: 

Spring 2020 semester:

Fall 2020:

Our previous Greek students are also participating in the Art Cloud Greece project, the 2021 SNF-SART Cultural Entrepreneurship Pilot Program.

The SNF-SART Scholarship Program is open to students of Greek University Art Programs, including but not limited to visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, video, etc) design, and architecture. The program is a semester abroad dedicated to a large range of students' interests, and normally takes place during the autumn (Fall semester runs September-December). Scholarships offered by the Siena Art Institute cover full tuition as well as travel cost to and from Greece and accommodation in the historic city center of Siena. Students are responsible for the expenses of food, personal art supplies, and personal travel during their semester in Siena.  


  • July 31st for the Fall semester. 

Page contents:

1. Who is eligible?

2. The Program - Overview 

3. Method of Application for the SNF-SART Scholarship Program

4. Accommodation and additional expenses 


1. Who is eligible?

Eligible students for the SNF-SART Scholarship Program are only those who are currently enrolled in an art program at a Greek university art program, faculty or art academy.

Fluency in English language and/or Italian is required for all participants.

Former recipients of the SNF-SART scholarship are not eligible to re-apply.

2. The program – Overview

The Fall semester at the Siena Art Institute runs Sept-December.  

Coursework includes the opportunity to explore Sienese culture and collaborative community initiatives while also pursuing individual artistic work.

The Siena Art Institute welcomes artists from all disciplines (painting, photography, drawing, video, ceramics, silversmithing, creative writing and more) who are interested in the intersection of art and civic life, and who wish to explore how our artistic projects can lead to a deeper understanding of the cultures in which we find ourselves.  

Our program is intentionally small, allowing students to receive a great deal of individual attention from our faculty to assist in your ongoing creative development. 

3. Method of Application for the SNF-SART Scholarship Program

In order to apply you need to supply: 

  • 1. A Request Form for the SNF-SART Scholarship Program, providing your name, school name, area of study, year of study, contact information - address, telephone number, e-mail. (download form via link at bottom of the page)
  • 2. A Recommendation Letter from a faculty member in your school (maximum 1 page)
  • 3. A Letter of Motivation in English (maximum 1 page) 

                Your Letter of Motivation should address the following questions:

                -Why do you wish to join the SNF-SART Scholarship Program? 

                -What benefits do you see for your education as an artist? 

                -Why is a study abroad experience important to you?

                -Do you have previous experience in collaborative projects and/or community initiatives?

  • 4. Portfolio of 10 works of your choice that best represent your artistic research (photograph, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, audio) in formats JPG, Quick Time,  MP3, through any file sharing website (example: The total should not exceed 50Mb. 

Please send application materials as email attachments to: 

Lisa Nonken (Academic Director) 

For any additional information feel free to contact us

4. Accommodation and additional expenses 

Your tuition & fees are covered by the SNF-SART Scholarship Program, as well as transport to Greece and back at the beginning and end of our semester, and shared accommodation in the historic city center of Siena.  This includes extra-curricular events, medical visits assistance as needed, official transcript issuing and shipping, and final dinner.

Some coursework may include additional fee for special materials and optional fieldtrips. 

Please note: students are responsible for other costs including food, and personal art supplies.  The scholarship includes initial sets of materials used for projects, but students are responsible for the cost of additional art supplies for independent work and final projects.   

Standard housing which is covered by the scholarship is a shared room in a shared apartment. This means that you will be sharing a room with another student (of your same gender) in an apartment or student residence. This includes a shared kitchen (with basic pots and pans, etc), a shared bathroom, and bed linens provided.  

You are responsible for your own groceries and laundry. In terms of groceries, we recommend budgeting approximately €100-150 per month, if you are eating simple home-cooked meals.

Are there other housing options available?

Yes. Other housing options are available for a higher fee, such as a private room, or staying in a home-stay with a local Italian family.   You can contact us for more information.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their coursework in Siena can transfer back to their home university in Greece.  Be sure to be in touch with your home faculty before the beginning of your studies in Siena, to make sure that your work in Siena meets requirements for your degree program back home.  If your faculty advisors require further details about our coursework, we are happy to provide any further information you may require. 

For any additional information feel free to contact us

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