Studios & Facilities

Studios & Facilities

Individual Studio Spaces

All of the Siena Art Institute’s students and resident artists are assigned an individual studio space in rooms along our main corridor, alongside our lecture rooms and workshop spaces.  Resident artists are provided with their own private studio room, while students are given individual spaces within shared studio rooms.  Each artist is provided a space with shelves and tables and easels to suit his or her needs.  All our rooms have large windows & soaring ceilings.  Despite being housed in a historic building, all of the Siena Art Institute’s rooms provide ample electric outlets.  A wireless network is available but it is not high-speed.  Computer work stations are available on the floor above.   Students have access to the building from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm weekdays, and resident artists have 24 hour access.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Individual Studio Spaces at the Siena Art Institute.

Workshop Studios and Equipment

Along with rooms for individual studios, the Siena Art Institute Onlus has variety of workshops and classroom spaces.  Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions about our facilities.

Ceramics Studio:  Our ceramics studio includes a small electric kiln and lathe along with a variety of clayworking tools.      

Silversmithing Studio:  The silversmithing studio and equipment may only be used by students enrolled in the silversmithing course.  Equipment includes work benches, torches, vices, wire presses, and a variety of handtools such as rasps, saws, etc.

Photography Darkroom:  Our dark room is designed for traditional black and white developing, with chemical stations,  basic enlargers, etc.  Students are asked to bring their own laptops equipped with photoshop and other software for digital imaging work, although access to computers and inkjet color printing are available in our facilities.   We work with local printshops when making prints of color photographs.                 
Painting Studio:  Painting classes are held in our painting studio.  Easels, tables, and a well-ventilated room accommodate all types of painting: oil, watercolor, tempera, etc.  Our artists are also free to paint in their own individual studio spaces for independent projects.

Library:  The Siena Art Institute and the Siena School for Liberal Arts share a library which is packed with books on art history, contemporary art, art theory, sociology, Italian Culture and Language, and more.                

Computer Stations: The Siena Art Institute encourages students to bring laptops and to utilize our wireless network.  In addition, we  have 5 basic desktop computers in our student lounge and library, a color scanner and printer and a color inkjet printer and photocopier that artists can use (for a modest charge.)  

Equipment:  Along with the equipment in our workshop studios, additional equipment available includes: 

  • Digital Projectors 
  • Basic Camcorders 
  • Tripods 
  • Clamp lights 
  • Extension Cords 
  • Extra easels 

With prior notification, the Siena Art Institute can work to help you find additional equipment your project may require.  However, students and resident artists are ultimately responsible for securing equipment and supplies for their own personal projects.  Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding equipment and facilities at the Siena Art Institute.

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