Summer Programs

Summer Intensive Courses

Along with our semester-abroad programs, the Siena Art Institute also leads short-term  intensive courses during the summer months, such as  Portfolio Development and Font Design.  Special Programs are also offered, such as the Brandeis-in-Siena program and the Drawing-as-Seeing Program

These intensive programs offer exciting opportunities to study and create work for a short period of time in our beautiful location in central Siena.  

The Siena Art Institute’s Summer Course offerings include classes for advanced as well as beginner artists, to accommodate all levels of experience.  Classes meet 5 days a week, with optional activities on evenings and weekends.  

Such an intensive period requires dedication, but with commitment and focus, program participants can accomplish a substantive amount of work in a few short weeks. 

Please see course details listed on the right.


Other courses offered in partnership with the Siena School for Liberal Arts:

Intensive Italian & Cultural Studies Application Deadline: March 15
The 4-week Intensive Italian program is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This program looks to expand students’ knowledge of the Italian language and culture through a variety of activities and approaches. This summer intensive program offers students a chance to experience what it is like to learn and live abroad. Environment plays an important role in how we learn and our program gives you the chance to immerse yourself daily in the best of Italy!

Medieval and Renaissance Art in Siena and Florence 
This course is an introduction to Renaissance Art in Tuscany and it explores in-depth the historical, political, and cultural evolution of Siena and Florence between the 14th and early 16th centuries. Read more...
Deaf Studies Programs  - Application Deadline: April 1
Study Abroad for Signers—
This exciting three-week summer program offers signers an opportunity to engage in a Deaf-World that expands beyond America. Read more...
Independent Research and Service Learning—
Students seeking service learning projects or guided independent research in Interpretation, Deaf Education, or Linguistics, now have that opportunity in Siena. Service learning projects allow students to work directly with the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, a non-profit whose objective is to contribute to Deaf and Deaf-blind educational and community development in Italy. Requirements: Native or near-native signers. Involvement in the Deaf-World.
Summer Two & Three Week Independent Research & Service Learning Projects: 3-week 
Students seeking service learning projects or guided independent research in Interpretation, Deaf Education, or Linguistics, now have that opportunity in Siena.

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