Summer Programs

Summer Portfolio Development

4-week June Intensive Summer Program:   

Total instructional hours = 60hrs

Recommended credits
3 university credits, or equivalent to 1 full-semester courses based on U.S. academic structure.

Course Description:
The Summer Portfolio Development Course is for studio art students (upper-level undergraduate and graduate level), recent graduates, and emerging artists from around the world who would benefit from a period of concentrated, guided study. SART studio art faculty will be responsible for the day-to-day teaching of students. Initially, students are given assigned projects that relate to SART led excursions until they are ready to concentrate on self-directed work, with faculty mentorship and guidance. The program can be customised to suit an individual participant's interests and background.  The overall goal of the course is to allow visual artists working in all disciplines to pursue their ongoing portfolio development in a stimulating and supportive environment. Program participants will present their ongoing projects in group critiques as well as having individual one-on-one critiques with faculty and visiting artists. The program will also include activities and excursions in the local area, group critiques, and discussions.

Students are each provided with a studio in a shared studio space and the school is open each weekday from 9 am to 8 pm and selected hours on Saturdays.

Student Learning Objectives:
-To work on thoughtful, experimental art projects in and around the Siena area with diverse group of energetic, skilled, and inspired artists with a demonstrated interest in artistic exploration and rigorous intellectual inquiry.
-To create within the class a dynamic environment which fosters artistic production, intense critical dialogue, intercultural communication, thoughtful reflection, and growth.
-To engage with the Sienese community in multiple ways: through observation, dialogue, outreach, and collaboration.
-The goal of the class is to support students’ ongoing artistic development through a holistic exploration of contemporary studio practices, and to foster an artistic approach that is curious, open, personal, and flexible.

All program activities will be taught in English. Our orientation activities will include an introduction to basic Italian vocabulary to help you learn the basics of the Italian language to help you with your day-to-day interactions with the local community.

Program cost:

$3,200 USD inclusive of tuition & accommodation in a shared apartment in the historic center of Siena. (The cost of flight, meals, art supplies, and personal expenses is not included and is the responsibility of each student.)  The course can also be customised to suit an individual student's interest, which can then have a customised tuition cost. 
Limited scholarship funding is available, based on need and merit.

Our Portfolio Developent Course regularly is held in the month of June. Please contact us for the specific dates of the upcoming Portfolio Development course

Note: Students may wish to stay in Siena to witness the historic Palio horserace, which will take place on July 2. (Please contact us ahead of time for more information if you wish to extend your stay in Siena beyond the end of June, regarding fees and arrangements for additional lodging.)

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