Materials & Restrictions

Materials & Restrictions

Material Availability:  
Downtown Siena has art supply stores with a wide range of materials.  Siena also has numerous stores for hardware, electronics, building supplies, etc.  Here are some links to some local art supply stores in Siena and nearby Florence:

Ruffoli snc Emporio per le Arti e i Mestieri, Siena

Art Shop, Siena, Via di Città 113, tel. 0577 47088

Acquarello Belle Arti snc, Siena, Via Terme 56, tel. 057741346

Cartoleria Bonucci, Via dei Rossi 16 tel 0577 42114

Brico Io (for craft supplies, wood, etc) Via Massetana Roma 50, Siena  tel 0577 226104

Colorama (for hardware, industrial paint, etc), via toselli 106, Siena tel 0577 285230

There are also numerous cartolerie (paper stores) and the like, including:. 

  • Cartoleria Mariotti, Banchi di Sopra 45  Tel. 0577280485  (has a lot of large sheets of paper on their second floor, with very reasonable prices.  )
  • Cartoleria Bonucci,  via dei rossi 16  tel 0577 42114

Hardware Store: 

            Closed mid-day, from 12:45 to 3:30 
For lumber: 

  • Legno e....  Via Delle Arti 27, (loc Due Ponti) tel 0577 530106

Most of these shops are open from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3:30 -6 pm. M-F and Saturday mornings, but call to confirm!

Art Supply Stores in Florence (1 1/2 hours away by train or bus) include:

Online orders can be placed to many sources including:

It is also possible to have supplies shipped to the Siena Art Institute from other countries, although international shipping can be quite expensive.

The Siena Art Institute staff is here to help you find the materials you need, and we will work with you to identify local vendors, etc for the supplies you are seeking.  However, it is ultimately the responsibility of our artists to procure their own supplies.  
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the availability of specific materials in Siena.

Material Restrictions:
The Siena Art Institute's studios are spacious and have large windows providing ample ventilation.  However, some restrictions must be placed on the type of materials used in our studios, to make sure the spaces remain usable for other participants.  

In general, when working with any type of material, we ask for our artists to prioritize their own safety and the safety and comfort of others in the building.

Projects that are overly dusty, noisy, or vaporous should take place in our courtyards.  This would include working with spray fixative, varnishes, or carving-sanding wood or stone.  We discourage artists from using spray paint or other highly noxious materials, since the vapors rise to surrounding windows.  

Projects that involve heat or open flames require prior approval of the program director and studio supervisor.  This includes work with encaustic and wax sculptures.  

We do not have equipment or facilities for metalworking at our location in downtown Siena.  However, we can put you in touch with local metalworkers if this is an area of art that you wish to explore.  You would be responsible for coordinating your own transportation to and from the metalworking studio.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding material restrictions at the Siena Art Institute.

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