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Due to the coronavirus pandemic our plans for Policromia 2020 are currently in flux.  We are monitoring the national and international situation and we will continue to celebrate poetry and translation in Siena in some way June 4-7, 2020. Please stay tuned or contact us for more information.


In 2020 we will be celebrating our third annual Policromia Festival, a local and international festival centered on poetry and translation and committed to building young audiences and promoting deaf culture. Our venues are woven into the texture and fabric of the city of Siena, from the most striking halls, museums, and galleries to artisan workshops, bars, and commercial spaces. Readings are frequently supplemented by musical performances and aperitifs.

Follow the links on the right for information about our Policromia 2020 workshops, as well as info on our previous Policromia festivals and our 2019 festival program

SIENA JUNE 13-14-15-16 2019
The second year of the Policromia Poetry, Translation, and Music Festival in Siena with guests from around the world. Italian and international poets, musicians, and performers participating in readings and concerts in the most special and striking places in the city. Guided by words, music, and sign language, the public is invited to explore the city in a different, uncommon light.

SIENA 13-14-15-16 GIUGNO 2019

A Siena per la seconda edizione di Policromia, il Festival di poesia, traduzione e musica con ospiti da tutto il mondo. Poeti, musicisti e performer italiani e internazionali partecipano con letture e concerti nei luoghi più particolari e suggestivi della città. Attraverso parole, musica e lingua dei segni il pubblico è invitato ad esplorare la città sotto una luce diversa, insolita.

For more information, please contact  policromia.siena@gmail.com

Download the Policromia 2019 Booklet (9 Poems with translations) through the link below:

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