The Siena Art Institute Onlus is located in the heart of Siena’s oldest neighborhood, Castelvecchio, home of the Tartuca (Tortoise ) Contrada.  Castelvecchio is perched on top of a hilltop near Siena's cathedral, and, like most of central Siena, the neighborhood is dominated by medieval architecture.  Within a five-minute's radius of the school, you can find virtually anything you might need: office supply stores, computer repair shops, grocery markets, and of course, pizza, espresso and gelato!  

The Siena Art Institute Onlus is located on the second floor of Via Tommaso Pendola, 37. Our building dates from the 19th century, and was originally constructed for the Istituto Pendola, Siena’s Institute for the Deaf.  Still today, the National Deaf Association (Ente Nazionale Sordi) occupies the ground floor.  Our expansive building is also home to the Siena School for Liberal Arts, with whom the Siena Art Institute Onlus is in close partnership.   

Siena is a pedestrian-oriented city, an unfortunately is not fully-accessible for persons with mobility limitations.  Siena is a hilly area with uneven cobblestone streets downtown. Most buildings, including our studios which are located up a flight of stairs, unfortunately do not have elevators. Students typically walk 20 to 30 minutes from their lodgings to reach the school. When planning your stay in Siena, it is important to ensure that you are able to comfortably travel daily on foot.

Please note that because the Siena Art Institute is located in the historic city center of Siena, this is a limited traffic zone.  To find information about parking in and around Siena, visit en.sienaparcheggi.com . Siena is well-connected to public transportation including train and bus networks (www.tiemmespa.it  www.trenitalia.com)

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