Project Fellowships

Project Fellowships

Throughout the year, professional artists are guests of the Siena Art Institute as Visiting Artists, Summer Resident Artists, and Project Fellows.    

Program Description:

Each year, the Siena Art Institute Onlus invites 1 professional artist or collaborative team to realize an artistic project in the Fall Semester designed to capitalize on Siena's resources, culture, and community.  These Fall Project Fellowships are made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

Project Fellows are a valuable component of the Siena Art Institute by providing insight and inspiration to our program participants and the local community.  They are asked to give a public presentation upon their arrival in Siena to introduce themselves and their work to our community.   They are also asked to hold a formal critique session with our students.   Depending on the nature of the Fellows' projects, students and/or community members may be invited to be project participants.    


Fall Project Fellowship candidates are selected from around the world through an invitation-only nomination process.   The Siena Art Institute does not accept direct applications for our Project Fellowships.  However, direct applications are accepted for our Summer Residency Program,  Studio/Casa Residency Program, and Studio Residency Program

Fall 2019: 

Fall 2018:

  • Sidra Zubairi, interdisciplinary artist and designer, Pakistan-Qatar

Fall 2017:

Fall 2016: "The Seeming endless path of memory" 

 Fall 2015:  “Alveare" (Hive) 

 Fall 2014:  Orientamenti: Reshaping Past Traditions

Fall 2013:  Above/Below Ground

Fall 2012:  L'Eclisse Redux

Sart life

  • Ellen Driscoll

  • Orientamenti project

  • Above/Below Ground

  • L'ECLISSE redux public announcement produced by Siena Art Institute

  • The Expedition Symposium