Project Fellowships


Fellowship Project:  L’ECLISSE redux
by Nate Padavick, Cassandra Troyan, James Voorhies
Curator: Bureau for Open Culture
Institution:  Fall Semester 2012

L’ECLISSE was made in 1962 by the Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni. The film begins at dawn on a July morning inside a modern apartment building located on the suburban fringes of Rome. In its opening scenes a beautiful young literary translator named Vittoria ends her relationship with her writer lover. She subsequently pursues a summer-long romance with a handsome, energetic stockbroker named Piero. Vittoria and Piero are unable connect with one another, constantly attracting and repelling for reasons inexplicable. That discontinuity is mirrored in juxtapositions of bleak urban development on the outskirts of Rome and the frenetic energy of its center city.

L’ECLISSE redux is a research exhibition by Bureau for Open Culture that draws on the filmic spaces and activities of Antonioni’s film as a means to examine contemporary urban development and social conditions in Siena. A selection of stills are extracted as frameworks for looking at topics such architecture, alienation, class, labor and love as they relate to Siena’s recent history and contemporary life.

As a research exhibition, L’ECLISSE redux manifests through a series of exploratory seminars and readings with students and the community. A BOC learning site is established where presentations and discussions are conducted. It is a platform that transforms and exposes the typically private activities of an academy into a mode of performance for public consumption. The physical accumulation of the visual and textual material of this research is the theoretical and theatrical settings for this work.

Sart life

  • L'ECLISSE redux public announcement produced by Siena Art Institute