Undergraduate Study
Abroad Program


For undergraduate students to apply for either the Fall or the Spring semester you must be in good academic standing (no less than 2.5 GPA or equivalent). Admission to our program is based on a holistic appraisal of your entire application packet. (See below for details on the application materials.) The most important elements of your application are your portfolio and your artist’s statement, since these give us the best understanding of your artistic practice, so please take the time to thoughtfully assemble these materials. All application materials must be received within the deadline stated for each program: Deadlines are May 15 for the Fall 2021 semester and Nov 1 for the Spring 2022 semester. (Please note: although it is best to apply early, it may be possible to apply after these deadlines. Please CONTACT US for more information if you are interested to apply with a late application.)

Our "Undergraduate Semester Program Application" can be completed online at this link: http://sienaart.slideroom.com

For technical assistance on your online application, please email support@slideroom.com.

Your online application includes:

  • $55 Application fee
  • Student Applicant General Information Form
  • Artistic Statement
  • Elective Course Selection
  • Portfolio of 10 works
  • Letter of Recommendation from 1 or more teachers who know you well

In addition to your online application, applicants must also send the following forms (sent as an email attachment to info@sienaart.org or by post)

  • 1 official copy of your current University Transcript from your home institution.
  • Health Form from your Doctor
  • Approval Form from your Study-Abroad Advisor

Optional additional application materials (to be sent via email to : info@sienaart.org)

  • 1 copy of your CV (optional)
  • Financial Statement from your home institution's Financial Aid Office (if you wish to apply for a Siena Art Institute scholarship)

Forms available for download below:

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