Undergraduate Study
Abroad Program


The Siena Art Institute is a non-profit organization, and it is central to our mission to provide assistance and opportunities to those in need. We believe that everyone should be given the chance to study abroad. For this reason, we are proud to offer generous merit- and need- based scholarships to assist our applicants in covering the cost of tuition for our programs. In addition, we can assist U.S. students with filing paperwork to transfer the financial aid which they are currently receiving at their home institutions to cover tuition costs at The Siena Art Institute. We also encourage students to seek additional sources of funding.

The following pages have more information regarding our various forms of financial aid for undergraduates:
U.S. Federal Aid
Other Funding Resources

Please visit the Undergraduate Tuition & Fees page for further information about program costs.

The Siena Art Institute is keenly aware that it can be quite difficult for students and their families to amass the necessary funding for their college tuition costs, and study abroad programs can be notoriously expensive. The Siena Art Institute diligently works to maintain a low overhead without compromising the quality of our instruction or facilities. Our scholarship program and financial aid services allow us to make our programs accessible to as many students as possible. It is important to understand that The Siena Art Institute’s scholarships can not cover course fees, art materials, travel expenses, or food and lodging. Even those students who receive full scholarships must be prepared to budget for these expenses. However, the expense of a study-abroad experience should be thought of as an investment whose invaluable benefits will last a lifetime, as it will forever change your perspective on the world and the place of your artwork within it.

Financial Aid:  Scholarships

The Siena Art Institute is proud to offer generous merit- and need- based scholarships to assist our applicants in covering the cost of tuition for our programs. 

How to apply:
The Siena Art Institute  offers a limited number of need- and merit-based scholarships.  Students should apply for scholarships as part of the Siena Art Institute's regular application process.  Students should complete the Undergraduate Application no later than November 1st or April 30th to be considered.  Applicants must be in good academic standing at their home institution and a minimum GPA of 2.5 (or equivalent) is required to be considered. 

To apply for the scholarship, please visit our Undergraduate Application page. Here students should complete all required application materials, including the Scholarship Essay section of the Application Form, and the Financial Statement from your home institution's Financial Aid Office

Scholarship Amounts
Scholarships are offered at the levels of full-tuition, half-tuition, and quarter-tuition.  It is important to note that  the scholarships are applied towards the cost of tuition and do not cover the cost of the non-refundable 600 € tuition deposit, housing, meals, course fees, art supplies, travel, the application fee or other additional expenses.  Please visit the Undergraduate Tuition & Fees page for further information about program costs.

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