Post-Baccalaureate Program

PB Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees (Valid through Fall 2018 Semester):
Program Costs:  

  • $ 55       Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • € 600     Non-refundable deposit
  • € 8,000  Tuition 
  • € 1,000  Program Fees  
  • €500      Course Fees

Program Fee:

The €1000 Program Fee includes:

 -pick up upon arrival 
 -mid-semester group excursion
 -Art and Society course excursions and activities
 -extra-curricular receptions
 -minimum of 3 cultural visits in Siena and in the surrounding areas
 -medical visits assistance
 -end of semester exhibition reception
 -official transcript issuing and shipping (personal and college copies, if applicable)
 -final dinner

Course Fees:

The €500 Course Fee covers the following:
-Textbook for Italian Language Course
-Excursions for Art & Society Course
-Materials for Elective Courses

IMPORTANT:   Our students are responsible for purchasing the majority their own supplies for independent projects, including projects created for the Art & Society course.  Because our students work with many different materials for their independent projects with a wide range of prices, we find that it works best to have our students responsible for procuring their own supplies.  
Housing Options:

3,500 €  per semester  Home-stay Accommodation 

 4 months (one semester) room and halfboard (no lunch) with an Italian host-family.  
selection and monitoring of the host-family

(Visit our housing page for more details.)


2000 € per semester (500 € per month) for a  Shared Room in a Shared Apartment
3,200 € per semester (800 € per month) for a Private Apartment 

(Visit our housing page for more details.)
plus please budget appx 960 € (240 € appx per month) for your Food & Misc Living Expenses

(Please click here for further information about Post-Baccalaureate Housing Options)

Please note:  There is also the Permit of Stay cost of €160 (registration fee for foreigners to reside in Italy.)  This fee rate is set by the Italian government, and the school will assist students in the permit of stay application process.  

Additional Costs: 

The Siena Art Institute's program fees do not include:

  • Cost of additional art supplies
  • Overseas Supplemental Insurance Coverage. See Health Info page for more information.
  • Optional weekly program activities
  • Optional cell phone and call fees.
  • Airfare and Personal Travel expenses

Payments can be made by wire transfer and paypal.  Visit the Financial Matters page for more information.
Optional Costs:

appx €50-€90   Italian Mobile Phone purchase
This includes 1 GSM phone, 1 charger, a personal SIMcard and 5 Euros of credit. Cost includes a 20 Euros deposit that will be returned at the end of the semester when you give back the phone and charger in the same condition you received them.  Cost of calls/texts is not included. Calls/texts are charged via a pay-as-you-go.  Students can expect to pay 15-25 € per month for calls/texts.

appx €20-€50  Italian SIMcard
  If a phone you already have is unlocked and can be used with an Italian sim card, you can purchase an Italian SIM card, with costs ranging from 20-50 euro depending on what type of plan you wish to have for calls, texts, and/or data.  Plans can either be montly or pay-as-you-go.

$ 500 School-of-Record Transcript Registration Fee
It is rare that students require this fee, since it is only necessary if your university requires an additional transcript from our U.S. school of record, Northern Arizona University (NAU).   Please visit our Credit Transfers page for more information.  

Extra Travel Money:
SAI strongly recommends that students include in their personal budget extra expenses for weekend travel during their time in Italy.  It is of course up to the individual student how frequently or how extravagantly they wish to travel on weekends.  Whether you choose to spend the weekends hiking just outside Siena or traveling all the way to Venice, you should anticipate the need for some extra spending money.  The Siena Art Institute's program fee includes the cost of our orientation excursion and our mid-semester group trip.  However, we also sponsor several optional excursions such as cooking classes, trips to nearby cities, etc.  for which there are additional expenses.

Sart life

  • Promo Siena Art Institute

  • Student Experiences - Fall 2015 (Michalis Fountedakis, Themis Istatiadis)

  • Angela Dufresne - Visiting Artist, january 2015

  • Brandeis in Siena