Post-Baccalaureate Program

PB Semester Calendar

Follow this link for our detailed weekly calendar:  Siena Art Institute Semester Program.  

Fall Semester 2020 (Sept 7 - Dec 11)

Application deadline: July 15 2020

  • September 7-11: Online intro unit group meetings, focusing on preparation for your arrival in Siena.
  • September 14: Students fly into Italy and arrive to Siena, meeting school staff at 4pm in Siena's Piazza Gramsci bus station, in the area of long covered benches.
  • September 15: Orientation activities in Siena: city tour & arrivals paperwork
  • September 16-19: Intensive coursework for Italian language, Intro Projects for the Art & Society Interdisciplinary course.
  • September 21: Semester elective courses begin.
  • October 26-28: Mid-term exams
  • October 29-Nov 3: Mid-term break.* 
  • December 5: End of Semester exhibition opening 4-6 pm.
  • December 7-8: Final exams.
  • December 8: Final Critique and Final Dinner.
  • December 10-11: Departure. (You are responsible for your own return transportation.)

Spring Semester 2021 (Jan 22-May 14 2021)

Application deadline: Nov 1, 2020

  • January 22: Students meet the school staff at Florence’s Peretola Airport and depart for orientation. We ask that students arrive by 2pm in time to meet staff at the arrivals area by 3pm at the latest.
  • January 22-24: Orientation
  • January 25: Intensive 3 weeks begin (Art & Society Intro Unit, plus Italian Intensive)
  • February 11: Intensive Italian exam
  • February 12: School field trip (all day, to be confirmed)
  • February 15: Elective Courses begin
  • March 22-25: Midterm exams and critiques
  • March 26-April 5: Mid-term break*
  • Overnight school field trip (date to be confirmed)
  • May 8: End-of-Semester Exhibition Inauguration 4-6pm
  • May 10-12: Final Exams and Critiques
  • May 12: Final Critique and Final Dinner
  • May 13-14: Departure (You are responsible for your own return transportation.)

*Please note: For students staying with host families, you are required to leave your host family during the week-long Midterm Break.

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