Post-Baccalaureate Program

PB Structure

To earn the full post-baccalaureate certificate requires a two-semester course of study.   However, you are also welcome to attend only one semester of the post-baccalaureate program: although you would not earn the post-baccalaureate certificate for only one semester of study, you would receive a transcript of your studies here.

Each semester for Post-Baccalaureate students includes:

3 Orientation Weeks including:
  • Intensive Course in Italian Language and Culture
  • Art and Society Orientation 
After the 3 orientation weeks, the Semester Schedule begins, in which each student is required to take: 
  • Art & Society Course
  • continuing Italian Language and Culture (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced tracks)

-2 additional Electives  from:
  • Siena Art Institute Studio Courses
  • Humanities Seminars offered through our partner program the Siena School for Liberal Arts such as Art HIstory, Deaf Studies, Cultural Anthropology, etc
  • 1 full-course Independent study
End-of-semester requirements: 

End-of-Semester Exhibitions:
All students are expected to participate in the end-of-semester exhibition, including assisting with the exhibition set-up and take-down.  

Written Artist Statement
At the end of the semester, all students are required to write an artist’s statement (300–800 words), to be included in Final Exhibition.

Additional Post-Bacc 2nd-Semester Requirements:

-Thesis Project
-Written Thesis Statement
Individual Advising Meetings:
In addition to their coursework, our students will also have regular Advising Meetings.  These meetings allow our students to speak one-on-one with their faculty advisors about their ongoing portfolio development.  Students need not create an entirely separate body of work to discuss during these meetings.  Rather, they can present work created in any course or for their critique seminar, along with independent work. 

Schedule Notes: 

-Evenings are set aside for independent studio work.  Lectures and community events may also take place in the evening, such as presentations and exhibitions by visiting resident artists.  The Siena Art Institute building closes at 8 pm.

-An Internship could take the place of one elective.  Interns with a two-day-a-week internship may also need to work on Saturdays, depending on their schedule.  Interns will also have 4 meetings per semester scheduled with their Internship Advisor.

Studio Electives will meet for one or two sessions per week, allowing ample time to work on studio projects and to hold class critiques.  (See the course pages on the right for specific details).

During the 3-week "Intro Unit": Second-semester undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students, will participate in an upper-level language intensive, appropriate to their ability.  Afternoons and weekends during these first three weeks will be devoted to the "Intro Unit" of the Art and Society Course, providing trips to Siena’s many museums, parks, community organizations, and other cultural resources.  These orientation-week excursions will vary between fall and spring semesters, so as not to be redundant for second-semester students. Through the Art & Society "Intro Unit" classes, Siena Art Institute students will be encouraged to use these first three weeks as a time to brainstorm and experiment with ideas that could be used for more long-term projects.  These experimentations can take the form of sketches, snapshots, a notebook, or whatever the student finds appropriate to his/her artistic interests.  The Siena Art Institute's students will also have access to their individual studios as soon as they arrive in Siena.  

Each SART student has their own designated studio space within a larger shared space.

Please note that the Siena Art Institute's € 8,000 per-semester tuition cost covers the standard course structure, including our two required courses (Italian Language plus Art & Society) and two standard elective courses.  Additional fees may be required for independent studies or special course offerings.  Please contact us for more information regarding your course selection, and visit our Tuition & Fees page for further details.

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