Post-Baccalaureate Program

PB Health Info

All students are required to be covered by medical insurance valid in Italy in order to participate in our programs at the Siena Art Institute. If you are not insured yourself, through your college, or by a family policy, or if your insurance plan will not cover you while abroad, you must purchase upon your arrival an Italian policy for foreign students that will cover you throughout your stay in Italy, offered through INA Assitalia Insurance Agency of Rome. This Italian insurance plan costs 49 € for six months and will only cover you for medical emergencies.  It is a very simple process to purchase this basic health insurance and our staff can assist you with the paperwork once you arrive in Siena.

You will need proof of valid insurance in order to obtain your study Visa from the consulate. If you do not have insurance and need to purchase insurance in Italy, you must sign a document at the consulate promising to purchase this basic Italian health insurance. In addition, you will need this proof of insurance in order to obtain your permit of stay when you arrive in Italy.

Make sure that you and your family understand the terms of your policy before you leave the U.S. (the type of coverage you have, what you must do to be reimbursed, etc.).

Hospital and Medical Services:
In the case of an emergency, Siena Art Institute students have the same medical rights as Italian citizens, and National Health Care will provide Emergency Room service.   The Siena Art Institute has detailed procedures in place to address any eventual emergency situation, to provide our students the best and most immediate care.  During our orientation activities, our emergency procedures are reviewed with our students, and the student handbook also includes a list of important phone numbers and resources.

Doctor's Visits:
The Siena Art Institute has an informal agreement with a local doctor in Siena who will attend to minor health issues. In this case, students will pay approximately 50 € and be given a receipt that will entitle you to a reimbursement from your American insurance company (contingent on your Insurance Plan). However, if you are covered through the basic INA Assitalia Italian policy, you will not be entitled to a reimbursement for the medical visit.

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