Post-Baccalaureate Program


This course is offered in partnership with the Siena Art Institute's affiliated program, The Siena School for Liberal Arts.

In the Silversmithing Course, students experience first-hand the art of making original silver jewelry.  Students explore their manual dexterity and creativity as they design and produce a works of silver jewellery.  This course introduces the techniques of  artisanal metallurgy, using heated and unheated metal (hammering, heating, bending, filing, polishing, soldering, braising).  Students also will work to create wax templates which can than be cast in silver.  The course will begin with simple projects such as creating a basic ring, allowing students to understand the fundamentals of silversmithing techniques, but students can then branch out to create unique creations of their own design. 

The Silversmithing course has an open structure which allows students to take their assignments in a variety of directions, depending on their individual interests and their level of experience.  Students will work on a variety of short-term assignments throughout the semester, as well as two main projects:  a mid-term project and an end-of-semester project.   The course fee includes all materials needed for the class, although students may wish to purchase additional materials, depending on the nature of their individual projects.

There is no prerequisite.

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