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CErTiFY | Erasmus+, European Commission

CErTiFY - Crisis and Employment: Tools and methodologies for Your Future


Partner Countries: UK, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Lithuania

The Siena Art Institute takes part as a partner in CErTiFY, an innovative project promoted by the Loughborough University in partnership with Atit Bvba (Belgium), De Montfort University (UK), Spes GMBH (Austria), Istituto Luigi Sturzo (Italy), Research Paths Etaireia Ereynas (Greece) and VSL "Lyderystes ir verslo akademija" (Lithuania).

The CErTiFY project, funded by the European Erasmus+ Program, seeks to help individuals wanting to work in the cultural and creative sectors, that are characterised by less-structured recruitment processes and key competences often acquired over longer periods of time and outside the formal education system. As such, finding a way to recognise these skills becomes a compelling necessity for candidates. CErTiFY will develop and test two digital tools: a smartphone app to create digital "curricular" stories and an e-learning platform to support and guide job-seekers in applying for jobs.

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