stARTers with Tracey Eve Winton

Join us on Tuesday May 17th at 6 pm for a presentation by Dr. Tracey Eve Winton, current resident artist at the Siena Art Institute. 

This talk is part of our weekly series "stARTers: assaggi d'arte" every Tuesday at 6 pm: A series of conversations with artists and creative professionals of international repute explores art as an inventive process, meeting of experiences, a tool for change.à/StARTers/stagione:2/anno:2016/

Dr. Tracey Eve Winton has a professional degree in Architecture, a masters degree in the History and Theory of Architecture, and a Ph.D. from Cambridge Univeristy in the History and Philosophy of Architecture for her dissertation on the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. She has been teaching Design Studio and Urban History in Rome since 2002, as well as co-ordinating field trips and tours throughout Italy on the theme of Theatre and the Ideal City. Since 2006 she has been producing experimental theatre as a strategy to teach cultural history to architects. Her urbanistic research experience includes Italy, Mexico and Indonesia. Her interests range widely, including museum history, iconography, ideas of place, memory, public space, ideal city and theatre, form and the formless, and vernacular building. 

Her residency at the Siena Art Institute has been a time for her to reflect on the many strands of her work, both scholarly and creative. She is currently the recipient of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s new 3 year Research-Creation grant, the idea of which is that the outcomes of research can be creative work. She started her new research endeavour in Bali, Indonesia, where among other things she observed the central place of theatrical ritual in daily life, and learned about how the performance of rituals plays a large part in building a family house or a temple.

She became involved in theatre by producing experimental plays during the last decade with her architecture students as a way to engage their design process in cultural history, as a means of enrichment of the imagination but also as a way to honor and preserve cultural heritage. In 2014 the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture bestowed on Dr. Tracey Eve Winton their award for Creative Achievement in teaching for this project.

In terms of her ongoing teaching activities, Dr. Tracey Eve Winton teaches for part of the year in Canada. The other part of the year she teaches architectural design studio and urban history in Rome, with a particular focus on public space and the special reciprocal relationship between theatre and the ‘ideal city’ in Rome and other urban settlements throughout Italy. 

Dr. Tracey Eve Winton has published on numerous topics, which include Palladio’s Villa Rotonda, Giulio Romano’s Palazzo del Te, Ghirlandaio’s frescoes in Santa Maria Novella, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (Il Sogno di Polifilo), the landscape of Rome, the poetics of self-built housing in Mexico, and (shortly) an essay on Carlo Scarpa’s Museo Castelvecchio.

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