Update on EU Project CErTiFY

At the end of the first year of activity, the international team of CErTiFY - Crisis and Employment: Tools and methodologies For Your future has completed the first project output: Research on employment’s channels within cultural and creative industries. The survey was conducted in all partner countries (Austria, Greece, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Belgium and Italy). In Italy, the data collection was carried out by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome and by the Siena Art Institute between February and June 2020.

Thanks to the collaboration and availability of some cultural organizations in the Sienese area, interviews were collected expanding the quantitative survey carried out through online surveys.

Today we can read the detailed report of the employment framework in the creative-cultural sector in Italy on the official website of the CErTiFY project.

We take this opportunity to thank those who contributed by giving their time for an interview:

  • Angelo Armiento, Administrative Director of the Chigiana Academy
  • Luca Venturi, founder and Artistic Director of the Siena International Photo Awards
  • Giuseppe Gori Savellini, Producer Assistant for TICO Film Company s.r.l
  • Carolina Taddei, Council member for the Municipality of San Gimignano
  • Maurizio Serafin, Director of the Pluriversum Study Center of Siena
  • Alessandro Bellucci, Artistic Director of the Pluriversum Study Center in Siena

The results of the research will lead to the creation of a series of tools and training programs aimed at supporting the recognition of transversal skills, evaluating how to best use them in the job search process.

Depending on how the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, the CErTiFY team will meet in Rome at the Luigi Sturzo Institute headquarters from December 14th to 18th for the second phase of training on Digital Storytelling.

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