Sept 29 stARTers: Eleonora Farina of Peninsula: Interstitial space between cultures

Our next appointment for our weekly series of talks at the Siena Art Institute "StARTers: assaggi d'arte" will be Tuesday Sept 29 at 6 pm, with Eleonora Farina, vice-chairwoman of the association Peninsula. 

Peninsula stands as an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and energies among people. Open to all the potential synergies between visual art, music, architecture, literature, the association is made up of a group of artists, curators and critics largely Italian who have settled in Berlin during the past decade. Space within a space, strip of land that detaches itself from the circumscribed and defined mainland and able to stretch towards new horizons for extending within the fluidity of relations, through exhibitions and projects Peninsula activates a territory open to the intersocial and intercultural dialogue and to the confrontation about contemporaneity that a city like Berlin, where different nationalities and identities co-exist, can offer. Peninsula takes its cue from the concept of Third Culture as Third Space, that interstitial way of living of those who left their homeland and who find themselves in a host country developing a wide and diverse individuality, an own way of life that constantly reconstitutes and rewrites itself beyond geopolitical boundaries. Global nomad, «citizen of the entire world» (Diogenes) within places, nations, cultures and disciplines, with its project activity Peninsula broadens thanks to the attitudes most akin to it: conviviality, hospitality, welcome, because essentially founded on the fusion between other and different educations and experiences, in a constant and fruitful enrichment and where Art finds its ideal situation of expressing, transforming – existing.

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