Presentation with July Resident Scott Gutterman July 17 at 6:15 pm

The Blue Guitar: Poems about Painting, Painting about Poems
Scott Gutterman's talk at Siena Art Institute

When artists are inspired by poets and poets are inspired by artists. This is the topic of the conversation by Scott Gutterman, writer and journalist,  at Siena Art Institute, Thursday 17th July, 6.15 pm (via Tommaso Pendola 37, Siena, free entrance). The talk will be presented in English with American sign language interpretation. 

Scott Gutterman, writer-in-residente at Siena Art Institute,  writes about music and art for VogueArtforumThe New Yorker, and other publications. He is the co-author, with Miles Davis, of Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork(Insight Editions).He is the deputy director of the Neue Galerie New York and lives in Brooklyn.

Scott Gutterman will be discussing his current research into ekphrasis: artworks inspired by poems and poems inspired by artworks. Across the centuries, poets and visual artists have often turned to one another’s work for inspiration.  The poet and the visual artist share a special kind of vision: an ability to see to the very essence of something, to penetrate its mysteries. 
The poetry of Homer had as its goal to make the listener envision scenes, to translate words into images.   Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote a haunting sonnet after viewing Botticelli’s Primavera. And in twentieth century, Wallace Stevens created a masterful meditation based on Picasso’s The Blue Guitar.

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