Bread and Puppet Theater in Italy 24-29 June 2013

A 6-day workshop to work with Bread and Puppet theater, the American theater company which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and on June 29th it will be protagonist of Nottilucente, the second edition of the festival of art and culture in San Gimignano.
The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Siena Art Institute, will be held in Siena, San Gimignano and Certaldo, and will last 6 days (from June 24 - 29) and is open to a maximum of 20 artists, who will have the opportunity to work with the company to construct a great show, a collective parade, that will happen in San Gimignano for Nottilucente.
An exclusive event, a special project for San Gimignano, that on June 29th will march through the streets of the historic town, with all the poetry and delicacy expressed by the big paper-mache characters made by the artists.
The workshop is part of an Interference project of the association Culture Attive ("Active Cultures"), financed by the Regione Toscana for the project TOSCANAINCONTEMPORANEA2012.

Are you an artist? Join us for this extraordinary occasion to get to know and create art together with the great American company which, since the early 60's, has used culture like bread: necessary, everyday, and close to the needs of the people.

For information and registration (by Monday, June 17):

Culture Attive
phone: 338 4506864
facebook: nottilucente san Gimignano

Siena Art Institute
phone: 0577 247739
facebook: SienaArt

Bread and Puppet Theater's website:

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