Honey Jones-Hughes
Emerging visual artist / artista visiva emergente

Honey Jones-Hughes is a Welsh artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

A recent MFA graduate from the Piet Zwart Institute, she previously studied at The Glasgow School of Art, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  She was invited to the Siena Art Institute through the Fall 2019 Project Fellows Bik Van der Pol for the project SIENApartecipa, realized with the contribution of the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Working with a mixture of documentary video, conversations, interviews, workshops and text she explores place-making, in thinking through where we live, and how we live. Her current research focuses on the ways in which contemporary cities – particularly Rotterdam – produce subjectivity through forces of privatisation, management and gentrification, and explores the implication of artists in these processes.

She has recently shown work at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam; 504, London; The Fish Tank, Cardiff; Neverland, Rotterdam (during Rotterdam International Film Festival); Torpedo Theatre, Amsterdam; W_lf_rt Project Space, Rotterdam; Swimming Pool Gallery, Sofia; LLAWN06, Llandudno; and Metricubi, Venice. 

For more information, visit her website: www.honeyjoneshughes.co.uk 

Honey Jones-Hughes, Wolphaertstraat (still from video) (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes, Wolphaertstraat (still from video) 2 (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes, METROPOLIS MASTERS! (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes, METROPOLIS MASTERS! 2 (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes,METROPOLIS MASTERS! 3 (2019)
Honey Jones-Hughes, Almondestraat (stills from video) 2 (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes, Almondestraat (stills from video) (2019)Honey Jones-Hughes, Grote Dromen (2018)Honey Jones-Hughes, Grote Dromen 2 (2018)Honey Jones-Hughes,Water-Path (2017)
Honey Jones-Hughes, Water-Path2 (2017)Honey Jones-Hughes,10 Kitchens 10 Stories (2017)Honey Jones-Hughes, 10 Kitchens 10 Stories 2 (2017)Honey Jones-Hughes,10 Kitchen 10 Stories 3 (2017)

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