Robin Mollicone
Jewelry designer

Robin Mollicone is an American artist and jewelry designer.  She received her B.F.A. Fine Arts/Fibers from Syracuse University and exhibits her work in New York City.

Robin Mollicone has been selected for a residency at the Siena Art Institute in partnership with the Pratt Institute, where she teaches at the School of Design.  She leads courses in fashion jewelry design, sustainable practices, and served as an internship adviser for fashion students. 

Artist's Statement: 

Robin’s jewelry is made 100% by hand, making each piece one-of-a-kind and made-to-order. Over the years her process has been refined and streamlined, but the foundation of her craft has remained the same.

It begins with a stone.  
As part of her design process, Robin travels to gem and mineral shows in search of unique and special stones and crystals to incorporate into her collections. The stones are semi-precious and are hand-selected from small, local, family-owned businesses that Robin has worked with over many years and has established personal relationships with. The intention of the healing and metaphysical properties of all stones are thoughtfully considered throughout the design process.  

All of the leather work is cut, manipulated and stitched meticulously by hand with a Glover needle and thread. 

The Peyote Stitch.
Each stone is “set” onto the leather with a hand sewn stitch that weaves the small beads, one by one, around the stone and through one another, known as a Peyote stitch. Inspired by Native American artwork and craft, this technique was learned on Robin’s travels around the country and has become the very foundation of her body of work. 


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