Laura De Tanti
Professor of Silversmithing

Originally from Milan, she moved to Siena in 1980 to go to a school of modern goldsmithing under three master goldsmiths (P. Mascagni, L. Bagnolesi, and V. Passerini), the sculptor Massimo Lippi, and the painter Marcello Aitiani.

In 1983 she opened her own jewelry workshop in the historic center of the city where she carried out her professional activity both as a craftswoman, interpreting and fulfilling her clients’ requests, and as a designer and goldsmithing artist, establishing herself as an important reference point in the field of contemporary jewelry. Interested and open to various disciplines, she actively collaborated with other artisan goldsmiths and artists, in particular in San Gimignano where she found an artistic community of particular tenacity (in spite of the general qualitative reduction of supply), animating between 2005 and 2007 a show room with other artists and participating in various events with the Arts and Crafts Association of San Gimignano. In 2007 she opened her own store in the historic center of Siena, by now having relocated her home to the heart of the Sienese countryside close to Monteriggioni.

Written of her: “She is in search of communication rather than an ivory tower from which to watch the world from above” (Gigi Lobina – Il Mondo dei Gioielli 1990, Milan) and “The work of De Tanti seems to tell stories and have a soul, and the light and harmonious touch of the artist seems to graze the materials from which the jewels are made” (Stefania Viti – Il Cittadino Di Siena 2005), and finally “Continual expressive research, shapes and materials always new, jewelry-sculptures that have names, tell stories” (Paolino Accola for AD, May 2008).

Her professional career was gradually enriched by her participation in contests and shows in Italy (Diploma De Beers students 1983 Venice, Il Cassero Gallery 1987 Arezzo, La Costarella Gallery 1989 and 1993 San Gimignano, Agalma Gallery 1997 and 1998 Milan, Biennial of Contemporary Art at Palazzo Lucarini 1998 Trevi, Macef space “Creazioni” 2009 Milan, Book Art Lingotto 2009 Turin) and abroad (Savero Gallery 1984 and 1987 Genevre, Casa della Cultura di Hilden 1999 and 2007 Dusseldorf, Atelier D’ART de France 2008 Paris and various collaborations among which that of the school of Giò Carbone in Florence and, currently, that of the Siena Art Institute in Siena.

“My intent has always been to communicate with others through the shapes of my jewelry, translating my most hidden perceptions in movements. I find that for this type of operation the jewel is exemplary since, unlike other forms of sculpture which are more reserved for places specially appointed for the purpose, it is an intimate and personal object, present in everyday life.”

Laura de Tanti


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