Máximo González
Visual Artist / Artista Visivo

Born in Paraná, Argentina, González studied at the Institute of Arts and Foreign Languages Josefina Contte in Corrientes, where he received his Teaching Degree in Visual Arts. Working with the group Arte-Ahora, he created murals and monuments in more than 20 public spaces. In 1996 he executed his first individual exposition in Corrientes. He produced two short films in Córdoba and Buenos Aires as Art Director, after which he moved to Córdoba. There he created with other artists “Apeyron,” a center of investigation and exploration of stage/visual arts. In 1999 he moved to Buenos Aires and worked with the visual artist Mónica Girón and with the curator and art critic Julio Sánchez in Argentina’s National University of the South. Since 2003 he has lived and worked in Mexico. His project Changarrito is a traveling art gallery that features the art of local emerging artists. It has been presented in such cities as Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Madrid, Spain, Venice, Italy. Changarrito Letritas is a recent offshoot created to help budding writers and poets.


González has conducted 31 individual expositions and special projects. Among them are:

Playful, CAFAM (Craft and Folk Art Museum), Los Angeles, USA
Sarro: mi brazo es un honda, Galería Valle Ortí, Valencia, Spain
Something like an answer to something, Artane gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Material Poems, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA

He has participated in 77 collective expositions in Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uraguay, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Spain, England, France, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. He also conducts performances, installations, and other projects such as the collaborative action in 2010 of all the local elementary schools in the city of Corrientes to create an event called “Un vuelo celeste y blanco.”

Artist's Statement:
My work frequently implies a meticulous construction that is composed of different artisan and plastic offices. When developing a project I explore the materials in their symbolic state, origin, and context where they’re normally found, as well as the impact they generate socially, politically, economically and spiritually.

The reutilization, as a form of vindication of the disposed objects, by means of a transformation of the material or agents involved, is a common subject in my work. I analyze the pass of time over speeches, how they can expire or become effective according to the opportunity or a convenient reality.

My work is based on experiences of the daily life and tries to reach different groups. Thus: I propose, generate alternatives, new ways and ideas.

My political vision materializes through Poetry. Only Poetry can recover the values which contribute to building thoughts that are rich in comprehension.

Máximo González, 2013

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