A series of conversations with artists and creative professionals of international repute explores art as an inventive process, meeting of experiences, a tool for change.  Free entrance, followed by refreshments.

Una serie di chiacchierate con artisti e personalità del mondo della cultura di respiro internazionale racconta l’arte come processo creativo, incontro di esperienze, strumento di cambiamento. Ingresso libero, con aperitivo finale.

29.09 - Siena Art Institute

Bik Van der Pol

Site-specific art / Arte site-specific

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Collaborative workshop with the Siena Art Institute's Project Fellows Bik Van der Pol, as part of the Inauguration of our new location Il Punto | The Point.

Since 1995, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol work as Bik Van der Pol. They work and live in Rotterdam (NL).

Through their practice they aim to articulate and understand how art can produce a public sphere and space for speculation and imagination through which ‘publicness’ is not only defined but also created. By setting up the conditions for encounter they develop a process of working that allows for continuous reconfigurations of places, histories and publics. Their practice is site-specific with dialogue as a mode of transfer; a “passing through”, understood in its etymological meaning of “a speech across or between two or more people, out of which may emerge new understandings”. In fact, they consider the element of “passing through” as vital. It is temporal, and implies action and the development of new forms of discourse. Their work is both instigator and result of this method.

INAUGURAZIONE e workshop/StARTers dei Bik van der Pol


01.10 - Siena Art Institute

Tim Barklem

Film producer/ Regista

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Founding member of the production company ActionDog CIC and Rejuvenate UK projects, London, now running for 20 years. He has designed and delivered creative projects in the arts for young people, incl. NEET & SEN. Presentazione in inglese.

Attivo a Londra da oltre venti anni, è socio fondatore di ActionDog CIC e Rejuvenate UK. Ha ideato e poi realizzato progetti creativi in campo artistico che coinvolgono giovani, NEET e persone con necessità educative speciali. Presentation in English.

08.10 - Siena Art Institute

Fatlum Doci

Emerging visual artist / artista visivo emergente

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Artista albanese U35 selezionato da Adrian Paci per il progetto SIENAricorda, promosso da Fondazione MPS e organizzato da Fondazione Musei Senesi. La residenza si svolge presso le Stanze della Memoria, il museo dedicato alla Resistenza senese e alla storia del Novecento toscano.  Presentazione in inglese.

Albanian artist U35 selected by Adrian Paci for the SIENAricorda project, sponsored by the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation and organized by the Sienese Museums Foundation. His current residency project is focused on the Stanze della Memoria, the museum dedicated to the Sienese Resistance and the history of the twentieth century in Tuscany. Presentation in English.

15.10 - Siena Art Institute

Julie Wyman

Film-maker and performer/ Regista e performer

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Artista in residenza al SART, Julie Wyman, filmmaker e performer, il suo lavoro vuole mettere in discussione e ampliare il modo limitato in cui il corpo viene rappresentato. I suoi documentari affrontano il tema dell’esperienza e della percezione del corpo e genere e le problematiche, le potenzialità e le implicazioni politiche contestuali alla fruizione dei media.  Presentazione in inglese

October 2019 resident artist at the Siena Art Institute, Julie Wyman is a filmmaker and performer whose work aims to challenge and expand our culture's narrow range of represented bodies. Her documentary films engage issues of embodiment, body image, gender, and the politics, possibilities, and problematics of media spectatorship. Her 2012 documentary STRONG! about Cheryl Haworth premiered at AFI Silverdocs, screened in theaters nationally, and was broadcast nationally as the closing film of the 10th season of PBS’s Emmy award winning series, Independent Lens, where it won the series’ Audience Award. Wyman’s work has been awarded support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Independent Television Service and the Creative Capital Foundation. Her films, includingBuoyant (2005) and A Boy Named Sue (2000), have aired on Showtime, MTV’s LOGO-TV, and have been exhibited at New York's MoMA, London's National Film Theater, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, the Wexner Art Center, the Walker Art Center, and the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut. Wyman is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis. Presentation in English.

22.10 - Siena Art Institute

Honey Jones-Hughes

Emerging visual artist / artista visiva emergente

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Artista U35 selezionata dai Bik van der Pol per la residenza realizzata nell’ambito del progetto SIENApartecipa del SART. Spaziando tra documentari, interviste, conversazioni, laboratori e testo, l’artista esplora il concetto di “place-making”, un approccio condiviso alla progettazione degli spazi pubblici, ripensando dove e come viviamo.  Presentazione in inglese.

Artist U35 ,working with a mixture of documentary video, conversations, interviews, workshops and text she explores place-making, in thinking through where we live, and how we live. Presentation in English. 

Honey Jones-Hughes is a Welsh artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  A recent MFA graduate from the Piet Zwart Institute, she previously studied at The Glasgow School of Art, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  She was invited to the Siena Art Institute through the Fall 2019 Project Fellows Bik Van der Pol for the project SIENApartecipa, realized with the contribution of the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Working with a mixture of documentary video, conversations, interviews, workshops and text. Her current research focuses on the ways in which contemporary cities – particularly Rotterdam – produce subjectivity through forces of privatisation, management and gentrification, and explores the implication of artists in these processes.

She has recently shown work at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam; 504, London; The Fish Tank, Cardiff; Neverland, Rotterdam (during Rotterdam International Film Festival); Torpedo Theatre, Amsterdam; W_lf_rt Project Space, Rotterdam; Swimming Pool Gallery, Sofia; LLAWN06, Llandudno; and Metricubi, Venice. 

For more information, visit her website: 

29.10 - Siena Art Institute

Michelangelo Consani

Artista livornese classe 1971, Michelangelo Consani realizza azioni multidisciplinari su concetti teorici che vanno dalla fisica alla politica e alla sociologia. Presentazione in italiano. Gli studenti del SART esporranno i loro progetti più recenti e quelli in corso in occasione di un Open Studio informale.

Artist from Livorno born in 1971, Consani focuses his artistic research on multidisciplinary actions on concepts ranging from physics to politics and sociology. Presentation in Italian. SART’s students will have an informal Open Studio sharing with the public their recent artistic projects and work-in-progress.

12.11 - Siena Art Institute

Marina Mangubi

Visual artist / artista visiva

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Artista in residenza al SART, Marina Mangubi è pittrice, incisore, autrice di installazioni. Nata a Mosca, vive negli Stati Uniti dove lavora a progetti tematici che indagano attraverso l’arte visiva e la performance i significati nascosti nei familiari costrutti storici e filosofici. Presentazione in inglese

SART Resident Artist, painter, printmaker and installation artist, born in Moscow and living in the USA, Mangubi works on thematic projects that probe hidden meanings in familiar historical and philosophical constructs through visual art and performance.  Presentation in English.

Marina Mangubi was born in Moscow and grew up in California and is a painter, printmaker and installation artis. Her current visual and performance art series, titled Painting Biathlon, posits an artist as an athlete.  Mangubi holds an A.B. from the University of California, Berkeley, in Art and in Psychology (Neuroscience), and an M.F.A. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (now Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design).  Her work has been exhibited in the United States and internationally, including Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Spain and Uzbekistan, and is in permanent collections of the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, the Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts at the Portland Museum of Art in Oregon, Kala Institute in Berkeley and University Sains School for the Arts in Penang, Malaysia.  Marina Mangubi has participated in numerous residencies, including the Banff Centre Leighton Colony, Canada, and was the artist fellow at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France.  Her Camargo fellowship project, Eight Board Feet, inspired by the Northern Baroque Landscape tradition and concomitant discoveries in mathematics, was profiled on French national television. Music “on the Bones”, the series of prints about records cut on discarded X-rays, received wide recognition in television and print media in Russia.  Marina Mangubi lives in Wooster, Ohio, where she is Professor of Art at the College of Wooster, and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For more information:

19.11 - Siena Art Institute

Juan Pablo Macías

Artist & curator/ Artista e curatore

Artista e curatore, Juan Pablo Macías esplora il rapporto tra sistema di rappresentazione e affettività attraverso performance, interventi, azioni, lavoro attivo su archivi, progetti editoriali, volti a generare tensioni nella pratica artistica e nel campo socio-culturale. Presentazione in italiano.

Artist and curator, Juan Pablo Macías’s work involves the use of performances, interventions, actions, active work on archives, editorial projects, aimed at generating tensions in artistic practice and in the socio-cultural field. Presentation in Italian.

26.11 - Siena Art Institute

Antonia Liguori

Researcher & curator/ Ricercatrice e curatrice

Docente di Applied Storytelling e ricercatrice presso l’Università inglese di Loughborough (UK), è curatrice scientifica del progetto di storytelling per Racconti dal margine nell’ambito di Toscanaincontemporanea2019. Presentazione in italiano e inglese

Teacher of Applied Storytelling and researcher at the University of Loughborough (UK) and scientific curator of the storytelling project “Racconti dal Margine” (Tales from the margin) within the context of Toscanaincontemporanea2019. Presentation in Italian and English.

03.12 - Siena Art Institute

Laura Guerinoni

Textile artist

Textile artist U35 residente a Bologna. È fondatrice di TRAME TINTE D'ARTE, laboratorio d'arte tessile in collaborazione con il Museo della Civiltà Contadina di Bentivoglio. È stata selezionata da Nicoletta De Gaetano per il progetto SIENAispira dell’Accademia dei Fisiocritici finanziato da Fondazione MPS.  Presentazione in italiano.

Textile artist U35 resident in Bologna, founder of “Trame Tinte d’arte” workshop of textile art in collaboration with Bentivoglio’s Museo della Civiltà Contadina. She was selected by Nicoletta De Gaetano for the project SIENAinvita of the Accademia dei Fisiocritici, sponsored by Monte dei Paschi Foundation. Presentation in Italian.

10.12 - @Inner Room - viale Toselli

Alipio Carvalho Neto

Saxophonist, composer, poet, educator and scholar/ Sassofonista, compositore, poeta, educatore e studioso

Sassofonista, compositore, poeta, educatore e studioso di origini brasiliano-portoghesi, si dedica a studi musicali interdisciplinari. Attivo a Rapolano Terme (Siena), il suo lavoro spazia in un ampio panorama di linguaggi musicali. Questo evento rientra nel progetto di valorizzazione dei luoghi del fare "Space to Make", realizzato con il contributo di Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Presentazione in italiano.

Brazilian-Portuguese saxophonist, composer, poet, educator and scholar dedicated to interdisciplinary music studies. Based in Rapolano Terme (Siena), he works across a broad spectrum of musical idioms. This event is part of the project to showcase locations of creation "Space to Make", realized with the contribution of the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Presentation in Italian.

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