Summer Residency Program

Summer Residency Finances, etc.

  • The Siena Art Institute Provides Summer Resident Artists and Writers:

       - A private studio at The Siena Art Institute for the month-long stay.
       - A private studio apartment in downtown Siena for their month-long stay (one double bed).
       - Compensation for flight to and from Siena from their country of residence, up to $1200 USD.

  • Residents are responsible for all other expenses, including purchasing their own food and art supplies, although our staff is happy to assist you in finding what you may need.
  • The Resident will need to pay a €100 security deposit in cash upon arrival to ensure against any damage to the apartment, studio, or furnishings.  This will be returned to you the day before your departure from Siena, provided no damage has occured.
  • We recommend that all Residents have a cell phone to use during their month in Siena. We can assist you in purchasing an Italian SIM card to use either in your international cell phone (if it is unlocked) or using a cell phone which you can borrow from us for the month. 
  • The Siena Art Institute expects all Resident Artists to have insurance that is valid in Italy, or to purchase Italian health insurance upon arrival. Our staff can assist you in arranging to purchase short-term insurance during your stay here. However, we cannot cover your health insurance costs. If you are offered a residency at the Siena Art Institute, you will be asked to email us pdf copies of your passport, your insurance card and evidence of your international coverage 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Siena, for us to have on hand in the event that you experience a health emergency during your month here. If accompanied by a spouse/life-partner for the duration of their residency the same requirement applies.
  • There is a $30 application fee which is paid for during the online application. Our "Summer Residency Application" can be completed online at this link:

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