Summer Residency Program

Summer Residency Studio

  • Resident Artists and Writers are provided with a private studio in the Siena Art Institute building, along the same hallway as our classrooms and workshop spaces.
  • The studio spaces at the Siena Art Institute vary, but they will be approximately 3 meters by 4 meters,( appx. 10 x 13 feet).  
  • The studio has overhead fluorescent lighting, a window to the outside, and a floor fan.
  • The studio can be equipped with tables and easels as needed by the artist.
  • If the resident anticipates working on a messy project, we request that they put down a floor covering to protect the floor tiles.
  • The resident will have 24 hour access to their studio.
  • Residents are asked to keep a sign on their studio door indicating whether they are busy, available to talk, or out of the studio.
  • Musicians, sound artists, and other artists whose work produces a great deal of noise may find it difficult to work at the Siena Art Institute: excessive noise is problematic since our building is very reverberant.
  • Because the Resident's studio is located on the corridor shared by our other classrooms and workshops, there is some residual noise from time to time depending on the other activities going on along our corridor. Previous visiting artists have found the space to in general be very tranquil. However, our space would not be ideal for artists or writers who require absolute silence.
  • Summer Resident Artists are not able to work with toxic materials and certain other hazardous materials within the Siena Art Institute. Please see the List of Material Restrictions for more information.
  • The studio has wireless internet access, but it is not high-speed.
  • Wireless internet, shared computer stations, and a photocopier/printer/scanner are available.

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