stARTers with Nicola Salvatore 11 November

Tuesday Nov 11th at 6 pm, Siena Art Institute, Via Tommaso Pendola 37.  Per il comunicato stampa in italiano cliccare qui

Food is Alchemy

Nicola Salvatore, artist and teacher at the Brera Academy of Painting, will discuss his multi-decade artistic research culminating with the aesthetic-culinary project Trattoria da Salvatore. 

Since 1995 the educational project Trattoria da Salvatore offers to students of the Accademia di Brera the opportunity to explore the contamination between food and art. As in as the artist's studio, the kitchen is a place of manipulation of materials and creative fulfillment, of invention and research of the different languages ​​and media. La Trattoria is a metaphysical place, a space that becomes the site of meetings and discussions not only with the world of art, but also with cooks, lawyers, doctors.

With an artistic career that has spanned several decades, Nicola Salvatore has focused on the exploration of an inner dream-like world often represented in his works in the image of a whale, icon and obsession, symbol of wisdom and inner search. The subject, then, is repeated: but its formal processing through materials ranging from atavistic strength of wood, to terracotta and metals, to impalpability of the digital, in a research that over time has become more analytical and synthetic almost up to minimalism.

Join us for the presentation with Nicola Salvatore Tuesday November 10th at 6 pm, first floor Via Tommaso Pendola 37. 

The presentation has been organized in collaboration with la cattedra di Storia dell'Arte Contemporanea dell'Università di Siena.  The event will be made accessible thanks to interpreation of Italian into Italian Sign Language (LIS) in collaboration with the,  Mason Perkins Deafness Fund.

Free and open to the public.

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