stARTers with Geologist Marco Giamello 19 April 6 pm

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Tuesday April 19 at 6pm there will be a talk at the Siena Art Institute, part of our series of weekly talks, "stARTers: assaggi d'arte" taking place every Tuesday at 6pm at SART, as always FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC with refreshments afterwards.

The presenter this Tuesday will be Marco Giamello, a researcher from the University of Siena specialized in geological science and the diagnosis and preservation of cultural artifacts.  He'll be presenting a journey among the stones that make up the buildings and monuments of Siena's historic center, exploring Siena through the intersections of archeology and geology!  

Marco Giamello's talk will be based on research carried out over the last forty years by the Research Unit "Preservation of Cultural Heritage" of the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment, of University of Siena. He'll share with us some of his research team's analysis of the state of conservation of Siena's Cathedral, the City Hall, the Loggia della Mercanzia, throwing a new light on those palaces and monuments that represent the unique and recognizable face of the Tuscan city.

A graduate researcher in geological sciences, Marco Giamello deals with issues related to diagnosis and conservation of cultural heritage, with special attention to the materials, natural or artificial, that compose them. As the scientist in charge of the Research Unit on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment in the University of Siena, he also leads several courses for Master's degree students in the University of Siena's department of Geosciences and Applied Geology and Archaeology.

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