stARTers with American artist Christine Garvey Nov 24th

Drawing and Research: An Investigation of Florence's Renaissance Science Museums 

From the Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Università di Firenze to the Siena Art Institute,  Christine Garvey is the featured speaker for the next stARTers.

Tuesday November 24th, beginning at 6 pm, the American artist will present her work on drawing as a critical research method, and it's role in her Fulbright research at Florence's Renaissance science museums.

Garvey's work takes interest in the timeless tension between the natural world - by definitionautonomous and wild - and the human desire to control and manipulate it according theirwishes. The latest frontier of this exploration is the human body and the technologies developed to visualize its inner workings.


In her Fulbright research, Garvey returns to early investigations of the body as made present in Florence's "La Specola" and Museo Galileo, considering nature and technology as two interconnected life systems that shape each other.Through drawing, collage, and printmaking, she aims to re-invent the natural world and these collections within her own fantastic and often disturbing "other."


Originally from New York, Christine Garvey studied in St. Louis, Missouri and Montreal before moving to Florence where she is living and working as a Fulbright Scholar. Her large scale paintings and installations have been exhibitedinternationally,from Montreal to Bangkok, Berlin to New York.


The event will be Tuesday November 24th at 6 pm, on the first floor of Via Tommaso Pendola 37, Siena.

Following the presentation light refreshments will be offered to the public. 


For more info:  0577 247739 -

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