With "Pueblo" the art of Edoardo Tresoldi arrives at Siena's station

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The itinerant festival of contemporary art "Inchiorsto depARTure" will make a stop in Siena with an event organized by Zoe Impresa Sociale e Centostazioni spa, Gruppo FS Italiane coordinated by the Fondazione Musei Senesi and the City of Siena, Siena Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2015, Siena Art Institute, and AppTripper Travel Guide.

Tuesday May 26 at 6 pm in the Rosselli Square (in front of Siena's train station) the site-specific artwork entitled "Pueblo" will be inaugurated, created by the sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi in the studios of the Siena Art Institute.   The work will remain on view through June 5th.  

May 26 at 11 am there will be a presentation by the artist in the Aula Magna of the Università per Stanieri, in front of the station. 

The festival "Inchiostro depARTure" experiments with new modes of participation and sharing in art, with the installation of a cycle of artworks in train stations throughout Italy of the group "Centostazioni".  The six locations of the festival, taking place in rapid succession are held as single event but also fragments of a shared organism.  The initiative also aims to be an invitation for museums to reach outside of their institutional environments, to expand the boundaries of their works using art as a means of socialization and determination of other meanings, to meet with new audiences.

The invitation to collaborate on this project was embraced by the Fondazione Musei Senesi, for over ten years committed to promoting the museums of the Terre di Siena, contextually collaborated for preparing the content of AppTripper Travel Guide, an app on the city and the territory in which the points of interest are divided by personal experience so to create a number of alternative routes to discover the local cultural heritage.

In Siena the work of the sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi, born in 1987, who for many years has been working to integrate art, the public, and surrounding environments, with site-specific interventions realized with forging welded steel mesh and giving its work the likenes of anthropomorphic and/or architectural forms. 

To create of the work for Siena, the Siena Art Institute, a reference point for contemporary art culture in Siena and partner of the project, has made available its studio spaces in Via Tommaso Pendola, dedicated for the work of resident artists.  In the historic center of Siena Tresoldi is creating for May 26th "Pueblo" an installation comprised of seven collumns of varying heights created by wire mesh and ending in the upper portions with human faces gazing down.  The orderly composition and rhythm of the pillars places equidistant from each other creates a small labyrinth in which the viewer can walk and interact physically with the work, experiencing the feeling of transience from the center of one scene to another. The title "Pueblo"  suggests a population, group of people and "Pueblo" as a country and therefore place; the ambivalence of the meaning of this word is reflected in the concept of Edoardo Tresoldi's installation, which can be observed and physically experienced until June 5 in the Rosselli Square, in the space in front of Siena's train station.

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