StARTers Artist's Talk with Joe Wardwell

Kicking off our December 2020 series of artists talks StARTers LIVE, today we spoke with American painter and Brandeis University professor Joe Wardwell, in conversation with our faculty member, Roberto Fineschi. How can we be creative during this global pandemic? We are exploring this topic through our ongoing series of online talks with international artists, architects, and writers. Join us for Back to the StARTers... LIVE! 

StARTers: Assaggi d'Arte (Tastes of Art): A series of conversations with artists, writers, and creative professionals of international repute explores art as an inventive process, meeting of experiences, a tool for change.  

What does it mean to be an artist during this quarantine period? We are discussing with writers and visual artists from all over the world for STARTERS LIVE, our new web series live every Tuesday and Friday on Facebook page of the Siena Art Institute

The broadcasts are viewable to the public, even if you don't have a Facebook account, and will last appx 25 minutes beginning at 18:00 Siena (noon NYC, or use this time zone converter to know what time it will be where in you are:  

Scroll below to view the full calendar. For more information on our activities please contact us: and visit the StARTers page of our website.


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