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This afternoon architect Annunziata de Comite led a presentation on the Siena-based project “Contemporary Landscapes of Escape” and related research into personal responses to space through unconventional approaches.  We also were able to see some of the original notebooks collected in the context of the project.

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This afternoon, we also were able to explore the theme of “Places of Escape” by walking from the Siena Art Institute to the city gate of Porta San Marco, and then ended up in the “secret garden” of the Fonte delle Monache, a lush hillside with olive and fruit trees, and the ancient fountains created in the 13th-14th century for the Augustinian nuns who were cloistered in their convent, connected to the fountains by an underground tunnel!

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Last week we were able to visit Siena‘s Biblioteca Briganti with our study-abroad students, part of the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala, and seeing the Views of Rome (including the Campo Marzio map) byPiranesi, true masterpieces!!

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