Open Studio 26 Nov 6pm Ellen Driscoll & Dalia Baassiri

Thursday, November 26 from 18.00 to 20.00, Siena Art Institute, Via Tommaso Pendola 37 (first floor)  the public is invited to join us to explore the creative spaces of artists Ellen Driscoll and Dalia Baassiri during an Open Studio event at the Siena Art Institute.

The public will be able to gain new insight into the work of our current visiting artists: Ellen Driscoll, known for her drawings, sculptures and installations, and the Lebanese artist Dalia Baassiri, present in Siena  through a program dedicated to emerging artists in the Middle East, will open to the public their artists' studios. During this event the public will be able to closely observe the artistic projects, work in progress, and tools of the trade within the studio environment.

The New York artist Ellen Driscoll has spent the autumn in Siena to work on the project Alveare (Hive), as the Siena Art Institute's Fall 2015 Project Fellow. Always engaged in the exploration of materials, a balance between the nobility of the raw material and the sustainable use of resources, for her fellowship Ellen Driscoll has worked on contamination between nature and culture and the ways in which native plants and introduced species coexist, redrawing the geography of the Sienese territory.

Dalia Baassiri is an emerging Lebanese artist that studied between London and her home city of Beruit.  She is a multidisciplinary artist whose tools of expression include drawing, photography, & painting, always maintaining a great consistency with her own artistic path. Baassiri was selected among the artists from the complex cultural incubator that is the modern Lebanon for a residency program created by the Siena Art Institute in collaboration with the Kempinski Young Artist Programme.

We hoe you can join us!  Open Studio Ellen Driscoll and Dalia Baassiri for Thursday, November 26 at 18.00 on the first floor of Via Tommaso Pendola 37.

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