Nicoletta Di Gaetano - Weaver

"Weaving allows me to use linguistic codes. Humans have always represented our origins and our symbologies through a visual language: a visual communication made up of full and empty spaces that draw on the fabric of the symbols.From an aesthetic point of view, I feel very close to the textile works of the Bauhaus. This was where began one of the first research initiatives related to communication, on rhetoric as an art of applied language to interpret the textile surfaces of the movement, born in Weimar in the 20th century.Each textile creation comes from an idea, or from the raw material: linen, hemp and cotton.Depending on the material I find, I begin to interpret it and analyze it, after which we proceed to the warp design: i.e. how all the threads on the loom must be organized. Only then will the warp meet the weave to create a textile motif."

Con il sostegno della Regione Toscana nell'ambito di Toscanaincontemporanea 2018

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