Latvian writer Janis Jonevs selected as September 2015 resident

Janis Jonevs is an emerging writer, born in 1980 in Latvia.  In 2004 he received his Master of Arts in Theory of Culture at the Latvian Academy of Culture.  He has gone on to pursue a career in writing and translation.  His published works include several short stories as well as his first novel, Jelgava 94, published in 2013.  Translation projects include A. KristofF “The Notebook”,“ (from French) and 
B. M. Koltés “In the Solitude of Cotton Fields”, (from French).  In 2014 he received the Latvian Literature Prize for the best debut, was recognized in the Latvian TV culture broadcast “100g of Culture” prize “1kg of Culture”, and received the European Union Prize for Literature for young writers.  

Janis Jonevs's September 2015 residency at the Siena Art Institute is offered in partnership with the Latvian arts organization PAREIZĀ ĶĪMIJA ( who are managing a series of residencies for Latvian and Italian writers/translators during the year on behalf of the Secretariat of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

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