Grand Finale for 2018 Pathways summer course

We're nearing the grande finale of the summer course "Pathways: The influence of Ancient Art on Contemporary Art" from The Ohio State University with visiting Prof. Suzanne Silver

Since their arrival in early May, students have gathered research material during their explorations of Siena and its surroundings, and have worked with these materials in the studios of the Siena Art Institute. In addition, they have been participating in the life of the city through a series of walking, mapping, creating, and collecting projects with related readings and lectures on walking, art, and ritual.  Topics of exploration have included walking, drawing, collecting, and other forms of “mapping” of local areas and structures and their traditions. The course has focused on aesthetic and conceptual approaches to walks and processions (of which there are many in Siena).  The walking projects have enabled ideas of drawing as line, performance, mapping, and collecting, and have drawn upon the connection of ancient art, architecture, and ritual to contemporary forms of expression.

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