Exploring Sienese Geology with SAIC students

Exploring the many layers of Sienese geology with geologist Prof. Marco Giamello and his colleages the University of Siena's Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences with our winter-term study abroad art students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as part of their intensive course "Living the Past in the Present" at the Siena Art Institute.

We not only learned about the geology below our feet, but also the building materials that surround us in Siena.  For example, looking at the stones that were used in the construction of Siena's cathedral and it's elaborate decorations.  We saw remains of marine fossils that are contained within the marble now used for the inlaid stone designs of the cathedral pavement.  Can you believe that a long time ago (in geological history!) Siena was under the sea?

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