Expanding to new location June 2019!

We are very excited to announce that the Siena Art Institute will be expanding to a new location here in Siena beginning in June 2019!  

Our new building will be located right alongside Siena's historic city gate of Porta Romana, and will house the Siena Art Instute, Siena School for Liberal Arts, and the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund, all overseen by our Program Director, Miriam Grottanelli de Santi.

The adjacent neighbors for our new space will be the University of Siena's San Niccolò Complex, connecting to the Orto de' Pecci community garden, in the valley behind Siena's city hall. A 5 minute walk away is the University of Siena's Santa Chiara Fab Lab, with whom we frequently collaborate.

Work is currently underway to get the new space set up for us to move in for June 2019, and our opening preview event has been scheduled for June 8 2019.   The event will focus on opening this new chapter for our organizations, discussing topics about "institutions as instigators", art and the market, connecting to broader communities and allowing us to reach beyond the surface to create meaningful connections, exploring how our work can be translated into socially-meaningful projects that produce a deeper understanding of the cultures in which we find ourselves.  Presentations and panel discussions will be led by various speakers including film-maker Nathaniel Kahn, artist and Pratt Institute Chair of Fine Arts Jane South, and others.  We will be sure to keep you posted, and look forward to this exciting expansion into our new location!

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