Drawing-as-Seeing Course at the Siena Art Institute July 20-30

The Drawing-as-Seeing course is underway at the Siena Art Institute!

The course explores a multi-sensory art-making approach using touch, verbal description and experimental materials with artists Annie Leist and Pamela Lawton. Leist and Lawton teach regularly at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where they apply innovative approaches to drawing. Additionally, they bring a range of educational expertise to this program, including teaching a variety of audiences in university, museum, and professional settings. Lawton attended an Italian art school and then became a college art instructor in Italy, as well as teaching other international locations in South and Central Asia. Leist is a professional artist who also leads the training and consultancy of Art Beyond Sight, a non-profit dedicated to equal access to the arts and culture for people of all abilities. Using Siena as a studio, this ten-day intensive class provides an unusual, interactive drawing experience. Engaging with Siena’s rich heritage and culture through drawing using varied tactile materials, this class is geared towards students with a range of vision, as well as fully sighted students wishing to experiment with an alternative approach. Students make discoveries about their own perceptions, about Siena, and about the drawing process, providing unique tools and skills useful to students’ own studio practices.

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