"Memory, Body, Things, Place: Constructing Home" April 17 "StARTers: Assaggi d'Arte" with Peter Tagiuri

Memory, Body, Things, Place: Constructing Home. 

PETER TAGIURI, artist, architect, and chef
Tues April 17, 6pm Siena Art Institute, Via Tommaso Pendola 37

for our ongoing series "StARTers: Assaggi d'Arte" (Tastes of Art)

Peter Tagiuri will discuss recent interdisciplinary projects created in Korea and France along with collaborative projects with his students at the Rhode Island School of Design (USA) exploring the everyday environments we inhabit and move through, connecting to the natural world and domestic spaces. Presentation in English.
As artists and designers, we are encouraged to make things that are novel, unique, exceptional. Competitions are mostly won not with the ordinary but with the extraordinary. Cities are represented by their monuments old and new. But what is ordinary, the opposite of a landmark, what makes the familiar fabric home, for this is the rest of our lived-in world? In our home, there are the experiences we do not need to remember but that coalesce as one: waking in bed, dressing, 20000 breakfasts, lunches and dinners, thousands of locking and unlocking, entering the front door, climbing the stairs, sitting at the table, looking out the window, checking the weather. These nearly metabolic acts we gather together as indistinct memories. We dwell in things and places; shoes, laundry, bottles, bread, streets. With these ordinary things and memories, we are at home.

"Ordinary things contain the deepest mysteries.” Robin Evans

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