Claire McKinney
Fashion designer

Claire McKinney has been selected for a residency at the Siena Art Institute in partnership with the Pratt Institute, where she teaches at the School of Design.  

Claire McKinney is an independent fashion designer. She received a B.F.A in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute and exhibits her work in New York City.

Guided by found materials and experimental textile treatments, McKinney's work is primarily made to order and one-of-a kind in nature, exploring the instinctive artistry and nuance behind tailor-made garment creation.

McKinney co-founded the label SC103 in 2019 with her roommate, close friend and collaborator of 8 years, Sophie Andes Gascon. The label has presented three collections, the first two in the format of open-door runway show performances with live accompaniment in NYC. Their Spring-Summer 2020 collection Bonds celebrated the distinctive personality of the designers’ shared living and studio space and the symbiotic energy and friendship it cultivated. SC103 presented its second runway show in New York in February 2020, entitled Yours In Rock, with live accompaniment from a teen rock band. Leather-linked armor in garment and accessory form was incorporated into both collections and remains an area of study as McKinney continues to develop new work.
Through this residency McKinney is looking to explore Tuscany's history of hand craftsmanship, including leatherworking, glass, and textiles. McKinney is continually interested in region-specific utility wear, including traditional and modern uniform for manufacturing, trade and agricultural industries.

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