Annunziata De Comite
Art and Society Course Instructor

Born in Taranto (1973), Annunziata De Comite graduated in architecture in Florence and began working with the architectural firm Andrea Milani in 2003. She gained experience in architectural and interior design (Vertigo, Sienna 2005, Riabita 1st prize), also in urban design (Marina Cala de Medici, Rosignano, Livorno) and in landscape planning (Ecopixel park, Perugia 2007, PAYS.MED.URBAN, catalogue of best practices). In 2011- 2013, between Milan and Barcelona, she attended the Master of Landscape Architecture at UPC (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), culminating with the thesis “Landscape management and urban regeneration in Taranto: the opportunity of reclaiming in a “landscape oriented” city planning”. With some partners from the masters program, she created interesting design and research experiences (PAISEA 025, la cubierta vegetal – green roof, June 2013). Her latest project in-progress investigate the re-appropriation of public space in her hometown, Taranto, developing between art and ordinary “invisible” landscapes.

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