João Tordo
Writer / Scrittore

João Tordo (Lisbon, 1975) is a novelist. In 2009, he won the prestigious José Saramago Literary Prize with the novel "As Três Vidas".  In 2011, he was shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Prize in Brazil with the same book. He was also shortlisted for the prestigious Fernando Namora Literary prize four times: in 2012 for "Anatomia dos Mártires", 2011 for "O Bom Inverno", 2015 for "Biografia Involuntária dos Amantes" and 2016 for "O Luto de Elias Gro". He was twice nominated for Best Novel with the Portuguese Authors Society. The french translation of "O Bom Inverno" was nominated for the European Literary Award in 2012. His novels are published in several countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Brazil & Hungary. He has published nine books. 

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