Roberto Fineschi
Professor of Art History, Italian Language, Humanities

Since the beginning of my experience as a scholar, I have always been interested in several aspects of social life (philosophy, language, history, literature, political economy, religion, ideology). In particular, I have been fascinated by human experience as a whole and in its development. This is what I have been studying and trying to teach in all my classes. Italian language, history, philosophy have their specific features that need of course a particular focus. At the same time, however, one can always keep an eye on the larger view. This is my way of learning and teaching.


Italian: Native Language

English, French and German: fluent

Spanish: good understanding and speaking abilities

Portuguese: reading ability

Memberships: Member of the editorial board of the Italian Edition of Marx’s and Engels’s Collected Works. Member of the International Symposium on Marxian Theory. Member of the Hegel-Marx-Gesellschaft für dialektisches Denken. Member of the editorial board of the review Beiträge zur Marx-Engels-Forschung. Neue Folge.

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