FLORENART3 Project in Italy

FLORENART3 - Rinascimento digitale per la sostenibilità del contemporaneo (Digital Renaissance for contemporary sustainability)

To gain an understanding of the cultural signifiers of a country,you need to stay away from the beaten path that is the bread and butter of your regular tourist guide and dig deeper. This way you will find those traditional practices that have and still do define the specificity of a land. This is part of our approach to contemporary artistic creation: to start from - and thoroughly explore - the most typical crafts of our area, as a source of inspiration for the creation of new and contemporary art work.

In accordance with our mission, one of the many projects currently being completed by the Siena Art Institute, "Florenart3," invites young artists, tourists and citizens to become protagonists and co-creators of contemporary Florence through an approach which combines art, digital manufacturing, computer programming and storytelling. 

As a first step in the Florenart3 project, the Siena Art Institute and her sister school the Siena School for Liberal Arts selected a group of young Italian artists between the ages of 18 and 35 to participate in a residence between the cities of Florence, Prato and Siena.

Federica Murittu, Beatrice Beneforti, Federico Niccolai and Giuseppe Maria Mattei, led by young tutor Irene Lupi, young curator Valeria D'Ambrosio and artist Bernardo Giorgi, explored the marginal spaces and aspects overlooked by mass tourism and the stereotyped representation of the city-as-museum in these three locations. The chosen perspective was to map the traditional practices of the territory.

The result of the work of these young artists has taken the form of digital artwork collected on the MapMyArt platform. whose logo was made by the winner of a special call, the young Iranian designer Maryam Honarmand.

Upcoming events:

November 24 2017 - presentation with Federica Murittu

December 9-13 2017 - Final Exhibition at the Siena Art Institute and Siena School for Liberal Arts with artworks by the young Florenart3 artists (facebook event)

December 12 2017 - Itineraries of art and craft in Siena (facebook event)

Florenart3 -  Rinascimento digitale per la sostenibilità del contemporaneo (Digital Renaissance for contemporary sustainability)  is a project of the Siena School for Liberal Arts and the Siena Art Institute.
Made with the contribution of Sillumina - copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura


The Siena Art Institute and Siena School for Liberal Arts thank all the artisans who generously participated in the project by opening the doors of their workshops to our participants. 

Sart life

  • Promo Siena Art Institute

  • Student Experiences - Fall 2015 (Michalis Fountedakis, Themis Istatiadis)

  • Angela Dufresne - Visiting Artist, january 2015

  • Brandeis in Siena